Selected Photos of Jane Addams

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Jane Addams as a thoughtful eight-year old when this picture was taken.

House that John Addams built for his first wife in 1854 and the place of Jane's birth in 1860.

Jane at 16 with her stepmother, Anna, and one of her two stepbrothers, George.

Anna Haldeman Addams, Jane's stepmother.

John Addams, Jane's father, and Jane at age twenty-one. These photos show the strong family likeness including the dimple in the chin.

Jane Addams receiving an honorary degree from Yale University.

Jane Addams with a young girl at Hull-House.

Map of the 19th Ward of Chicago from Hull-House Maps and Papers, an early sociological study.

Jane Addams participating in a march for Women's Suffrage in 1912 in Illinois.

Jane Addams convalescing from an operation, shown here the day after receiving word of her Nobel Prize.

Jane Addams (right) at a dinner in Washington with Eleanor Roosevelt (left) and Mrs. Cordell Hull (center) in 1935.

Portrait of Jane Addams from the Hull-House.