I. GeneralWorks.

Publications of AtlantaUniversity:

No. 1. Mortality Among Negroes in Cities.

No. 2. Social and Physical Condition of Negroes.

No. 3. Efforts of Negroes for Social Betterment.

--Atlanta, Ga., 1896-98.

Edward Bettle. Notices ofNegro Slavery as Connected with Pennsylvania. In Mem. Hist. Soc.of Pennsylvania, I.

Charles Booth. Life and Labourof the People. London, 1892.

M. Carey and J. Bioren. Lawsof Pennsylvania, 1700-1802. Philadelphia, 1803.

A. J. Dallas. Laws ofPennsylvania, 1700-1781. Philadelphia, 1797

W. E. Burghardt DuBois.Suppression of the Slave Trade. New York, 1896.

_______________ The Study ofthe Negro Problems. Annals of the Amer. Acad. of Poll and Soc.Science. Philadelphia, 1898.

________________ The Negroesof Farmville, Va. (U. S. Bureau of Labor Bulletin, January,1898.)

[Benjamin Franklin.] An Essayon the African Slave Trade. Philadelphia, 1790.

[Friends.] Germantown Friends'Protest Against Slavery, 1688. (Facsimile copy) Philadelphia,1880.

[Friends.] The Appeal of theReligious Society of Friends in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, etc. .. . on behalf of the Colored Races. Philadelphia, 1858.

[Friends.] A Brief Statementof the Rise and Progress of the Testimony of the ReligiousSociety of Friends against Slavery andthe Slave Trade. Philadelphia, 1843.

Samuel Hazard. The Register ofPennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1828-36.

Hull House Maps and Papers.New York, 1895.

Samuel M. Janney. History ofthe Religious Society of Friends. Philadelphia, 1859-67.

Walter Laidlaw, Editor. TheFederation of Churches and Christian Workers in New York City.First and Second Sociological Canvasses. New York, 1896-1897.

Marion J. McDougall FugitiveSlaves. Boston, 1891.

Edward Needles. An HistoricalMemoir of the Pennsylvania Society for Promoting the Abolition ofSlavery. Philadelphia, 1848.

William C. Nell. Services ofColored Americans in the Wars of 1776 and 1812. Reprinted,Philadelphia, 1894.

Statutes-at-Large of the Stateof Pennsylvania. Philadelphia.

Pennsylvania Colonial Records.Philadelphia.

Robert Proud. History ofPennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1797-98.

R. Mayo-Smith. Statistics andSociology. New York, 1896.

Allen Clapp Thomas. TheAttitude of the Society of Friends toward Slavery, etc.(Reprinted from Vol. VIII, American Society of Church History.)New York, 1897.

Census of the United States,First to the Eleventh. Washington, 1790-1898.

George W. Williams. History ofthe Negro Race in America from 1619 to 1880. New York, 1883.

Joseph T. Willson. The BlackPhalanx. Hartford, 1889.

Carroll D. Wright. Slums ofGreat Cities. Seventh Special Report of the United StatesDepartment of Labor. Washington, 1894.

II. Books andPamphlets Relating to Philadelphia Negroes.

Benjamin C.Bacon. Statistics of the Colored People of Philadelphia.Philadelphia, 1856.

______________ Ibid.,Second Edition, with Statistics of Crime.Philadelphia, 1859.

A Brief Historyof the Movement to Abolish the Slums of Philadelphia.Philadelphia. (Pam.)

Collection ofReports of Charitable Institutions for Colored Persons.Philadelphia. (Ridgeway Library.)

Colored Enlistments.Philadelphia. (Pam. Philadelphia Library Co.)

Colored People inPhiladelphia. Philadelphia. (Pam. Philadelphia Library Co.)

Colored Regiments.Philadelphia. (Pam. Philadelphia Library Co.)

Education and EmploymentStatistics of the Colored People of Philadelphia. (MS. in Libraryof Historical Association.)

Dr. E. O. Emerson. VitalStatistics of Philadelphia (in American Journal of MedicalSciences, July, 1848.)

[Friends.] A Brief Sketch ofthe Schools for Black People and Their Descendants Established bythe Religious Society of Friends, in 1770. Philadelphia, 1867.

A. Mott. Biography of ColoredPeople. Philadelphia. (Pam. Philadelphia Library Co.)

Edward Needles. Ten Years'Progress, or a Comparison of the State and Condition of theColored People in the City and County of Philadelphia from 1837to 1847. Philadelphia, 1849.

Daniel A. Payne. History ofthe A. M. E. Church. Nashville, 1891.

Report of the CommitteeAppointed for the Purpose of Securing to Colored People inPhiladelphia the Right to the use of the Street Cars.Philadelphia, 1865. (Pam.)

Report of the Committee on theComparative Health, Mortality, Length of Sentences, etc., ofWhite and Colored Convicts. Philadelphia, 1849.

Frederick W. Spiers. TheStreet Railway System of Philadelphia, etc. Johns HopkinsUniversity Studies. Ser. 15, Nos. 3-5. Baltimore, 1897.

The Present State andCondition of the Free People of Colour of the City ofPhiladelphia and Adjoining Districts, etc. Philadelphia, 1838.

A Statistical Inquiry into theCondition of the People of Color of the City and Districts ofPhiladelphia. Philadelphia, 1849.

Trades of the Colored People.Philadelphia, 1838.

John F. Watson. Annals ofPhiladelphia. Philadelphia, 1830.

A. W. Wayman. My Recollectionsof A. M. E. Ministers. Philadelphia, 1882.

Why Colored People inPhiladelphia Are Excluded from the Street Cars. Philadelphia,1866. (Pam.,Two Editions.)

[John Woolman.] Considerationson Keeping Negroes. Philadelphia, 1784.

III. Booksand Pamphlets Written by Philadelphia Negroes.

Act of Incorporation, Causesand Motives of the African Episcopal Church of Philadelphia.Philadelphia, 1810.

Richard Allen. (First Bishopof A. M. E. Church.) The Life, Experience and Gospel Labours ofthe Rt. Rev. Richard Allen, etc. Written by himself.Philadelphia, 1833.

Richard Allen and JacobTapsico. The Doctrine and Discipline of the A. M. E. Church.Philadelphia, 1819.

Matthew Anderson.Presbyterianism and Its Relation to the Negro. Philadelphia,1897.

Appeal of Forty ThousandColored Citizens, Threatened with Disfranchisement, to the Peopleof Pennsylvania. Philadelphia, 1838. (Pam.)

Jeremiah Asher. Autobiography.Philadelphia, 1862.

E. D. Bassett. Handbook onHayti. Philadelphia.

J. J. G. Bias. Synopsis ofPhrenology. Philadelphia, 1859.

Lorenzo Blackson.Autobiography. Philadelphia, 1861.

C. H. Brooks. Manual andHistory of the Grand United Order of Odd Fellows. 360 pp.Philadeiphia, 1864.

Robert Campbell. A Pilgrimageto My Motherland; an Account of a Journey among the Egbas andYorubas of Central Africa. Philadelphia, 1861.

W. Y. Catto. History of thePresbyterian Movement. Philadelphia, 1858.

Levi J. Coffin. The Relationof Baptized Children to the Church. Philadelphia, 1890. 106 pp.

Martin Robinson Delaney.Condition, Elevation, Emigration and Destiny of the ColoredPeople of the United States, etc. Philadelphia, 1852.

William Douglass. SermonsPreached in the African Protestant Episcopal Church of St.Thomas', Philadelphia. Philadelphia, 1854.

William Douglass. Annals ofSt. Thomas' Church. Philadelphia, 1862.

John S. Durham. To Teach theNegro History. Philadelphia, 1898.

Frances E. W. Harper.Miscellaneous Poems. Boston, 1854.

_____________. Forest Leaves.Baltimore, 1855.

_____________. Iola Leroy: ANovel. Third Edition. Philadelphia, 1892. 280 pp.

Absalom Jones. A ThanksgivingSermon.... On Account of the Abolition of the African SlaveTrade, etc. Philadelphia, 1808. (Pam.)

Robert Jones. Fifty Years inthe Lombard Street Central Presbyterian Church. Philadelphia,1894. 170 pp.

H. T. Johnson. The DivineLogos. Philadelphia, 1890.

Jarena Lee. Journal.Philadelphia, 1849.

_________. The Color ofSolomon. Philadelphia, 1895. 93 pp.

Minutes of the First AnnualConvention of the People of Colour. Philadelphia, 1831. (Pam.)

Minutes of Third AnnualConvention of Free Negroes. Philadelphia,1833. (Pam.)

Mrs. N. T. Mossell. The Workof Afro-American Women. Philadelphia, 1894. 178 pp.

Proceedings of Convention ofColored Freemen of Pennsylvania. Philadelphia. (Pam.)

Robert Purvis. Remarks on theLife and Character of James Forten. (Pam.)

William Still. The UndergroundRailroad. Philadelphia, 1872. 780 pp.

Benjamin T. Tanner. An Apologyfor African Methodism. Baltimore, 1867. 468 pp.

________________. TheologicalLectures. Nashville, 1894. 185 pp.

________________ . An Outlineof History and Government for A. M. E. Churchmen. Philadelphia,1884. 206 pp.

[Joseph Willson.] Sketches ofthe Higher Classes of Colored Society in Philadelphia.Philadelphia, 1841.



From W.E.B. DuBois, The PhiladelphiaNegro. New York: Lippincott, 1899, Appendix A, pp. 419-423.

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