The Two Marxisms

Contradictions and Anomalies
in the Development of Theory

Alvin W. Gouldner


Part I: Contradiction Within Marxism

1.  Introduction

2. Marxism as Science and Critique

3. Philosophy, Science and the Two Marxisms

APPENDIX: Conflating the Contrary and Negation

4. Social Structure and the Voluntarism of Suffering

5. Social Origins of the Two Marxisms

  APPENDIX: Mannheim, Coser and Lasswell on the Origins of Critical Marxism

Appendices to Part I

  APPENDIX 1: Other Formulations of the Two Marxisms 

  APPENDIX 2: The Two Marxisms as an Analytic Distinction

  APPENDIX 3: On Social "Contradictions"

Part II: The Dialectic of the Final Instance
Considerations on Marx's Political Economy

6. Alienation from Hegel to Marx

7. Political Economy: Toward Sociologism and Economism

8. "Economic Determinisms" in Marxism

9. Engels Against Marx? Marxism as Property

Part III: Paradigms and Anomalies in Marxism
The Ordeal of Aborted Creativity

10. Anomalies and the Evolution of Early Marxism

11. State and Class in Marxism

12. Civil Society in Capitalism and Socialism

  APPENDIX: Goran Therborn's Conception of Sociology

13. Nightmare Marxism