Society in America

Harriet Martineau

Table of Contents

Volume I


Part I - Politics

Chapter I - Parties

Chapter II - Apparatus of Government

Section I - The General Government

Section II - The Executive

Section III - The State Governments

Chapter III - Morals of Politics

Section I - Office

Section II - Newspapers

Section III - Apathy in Citizenship

Section IV - Allegiance to Law

Section V - Sectional Prejudice

Section VI - Citizenship of People of Colour

Section VII - Political Non-Existence of Women

Part II - Economy


Springs of Virginia

New England Farm-house

West Country Life

Township of Gloucester

South Country Life

Picture of Michigan

Volume II

Part II - Economy - The Northern Lakes

Chapter I - Agriculture

Section I - Disposal of Land

Section II - Rural Labour

Chapter II - Transport and Markets

Section I - Internal Improvements

Chapter III - Manufactures

Section I - The Tariff

Section II - Manufacturing Labour

Chapter IV - Commerce

Section I - The Currency

Section II - Revenue and Expenditure

Chapter V - Morals of Economy

Section I - Morals of Slavery

Section II - Morals of Manufactures

Section III - Morals of Commerce

Volume III

Part III - Civilisation

Chapter I - Idea of Honour

Section I - Caste

Section II - Property

Section III - Intercourse

Chapter II - Woman

Section I - Marriage

Section II - Occupation

Section III - Health

Chapter III - Children

Chapter IV - Sufferers

Chapter V - Utterance

Part IV - Religion

Chapter I - Science of Religion

Chapter II - Spirit of Religion

Chapter III - Administration of Religion


Appendix A - Mr. Adams's Speech on Texas

Appendix B - General and State Finances

Appendix C - Recollections of a Southern Matron

Appendix D - Public Educational Provision

Appendix E - Discourse on the Wants of the Times

Appendix F - Woman


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